We are the Fulldome Creative Network

About Us

The Fulldome Creative Network is an informal Europe-wide network of fulldome professionals including artists, venues, producers and researchers.

Together we research, produce and promote fulldome for arts and culture, rather than for science or education.

What is a fulldome?

A fulldome is a venue, a screen and a creative medium all in one. It’s a dome-shaped immersive film venue in which the imagery is projected all around you.

A planetarium is a kind of fulldome, and there are also portable domes of many different sizes from a single person dome up to several hundred capacity.

What can be shown in a fulldome?

There are artists who make films specifically for the fulldome format, as well as live shows incorporating digital work and live performance such as VJ shows, dance and even drag.

You can view virtual reality content in a fulldome with no need for a headset, as well as 360 degree video, and interactive experiences too.

A fulldome is a very versatile venue that can bring together digital and in-person elements for a totally unique kind of immersive experience.

Fulldome spaces around the world

Our members include:

Other notable fulldome spaces:


If you would like to find out more, join our network, or contact our members, please email kate@livecinema.org.uk